We began beekeeping unexpectedly one day in 2017. We found a beehive that had moved into an abandoned water heater on our property. A while later, the idea of actually keeping and growing bees for personal use came to us. We started to research beekeeping and learned how to save them so that they can prosper. The knowledge that we gained from researching and expanding the bee hives has positively changed our lives. As well as hemp. Now, we are grateful to turn that into a profession.
Our journey to cannabis
Growing up watching my father working in the garden inspired me to appreciate and care about nature. I’d follow him around and enjoy our time spent outside together. After more than 20 years of working in horticulture industry management, I have developed the crucial skills to manage large-scale greenhouse operations and cannabis projects. I’ve decided to begin this new journey and share what I love with others. My goal is to teach others about the benefits of cannabis so it can improve their lives. With Farm Bill 2018 allowing Texas to move past the prohibition of hemp, I’m able to use my expertise to further that goal. More scientific articles are being published every day in agronomy and chemistry journals. Soon more consumers will be educated on the benefits of cannabis. We are at the dawn of cannabis as a modern crop science.
My passion with bees

Growing up in a large city, I did not have much experience in nature. My life has been different since I moved in the country. I found peaceful working with plants and especially bees. I had experienced stomach ulcers for a long time. Bee propolis and honey have saved me from that issue. Additionally, my immune system has improved since I got stung a lot. I no longer experience as many allergies as I had before. Also, my point of view about humans’ relationship with nature, insects, and even my work ethic has changed. The bee’s cycle, the way they organize their hives, and how hard they work to achieve their goals amaze me. I have learned a lot from them. While few things are easy in life, achieving something great in the end makes it all worth it.

Nothing is for certain, it could always go wrong. Come in when it’s rainin; go out when it’s gone. We could have us a high time, living the good life.

- High Time, The Grateful Dead. Lyricist: Robert Hunter